Below are some frequently asked questions we.

How do you decide which coffee roasters or shops get added to the site?
Our goal is to only include speciality coffee roasters and shops. If you want to learn more about speciality coffee, please visit the SCAA.

How can I submit a coffee roaster or shop that’s not on the site?
By going to our submission form here.

How can I report something that isn’t factual on a roaster or shop page?
Please send an email to

I’m the owner of a roaster or shop on the site and would like some content changed or added, how can I do that?
Please send an email to

Why are there only roasters and shops in the US and Canada?
We have plans to add shops and roasters in other countries in the future, but for now we’re keeping strictly to these countries.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to